Kahook Dual Blade

There are varius types of treatments to control and manage your glaucoma. The Kahook Dual Blade is a safe and effective glaucoma treatment that allows the surgeon to make precise incisions within the eye. 

In a normal and healthy eye, fluid moves through the “trabecular meshwork,” a pathway that eventually travels out of the eye and into the bloodstream. For patients with open-angle glaucoma, fluid does not drain efficiently from the eye, causing pressure to build up to dangerous levels (high IOP). The Kahook Dual Blade makes targeted incisions within the mesh-work to alleviate pressure. 


Kahook Dual Blade

The Kahook dual blade is a great tool for treating your glaucoma. The blade offers cutting-edge design for surgeons to directly target the mesh-work within your eye. 

Open-angle glaucoma is the most common form of glaucoma; open-angle glaucoma is cause by pressure buildup in the eye. When pressure begins to build it starts to damage the optic nervce, which can lead to vision loss. Sadly, there is no cure, but treatments like iStent, Kahook Dual Blade, or medication can control your glaucoma and preserve eyesight. 

The Kahook Dual Blade reliefs pressure from the eye by creating an opening through the "trabecular meshwork." The openings allow your eye's fluid to drain out of the eye just as they do naturally in healthy eyes. 


Innovative Design 

The design of the blade allows surgeons to make parallel incisions to the mesh-work. The Kahook Dual Blade is micro-engineered and made from surgical grade stainless steel. 


Dual Blades. The two blades allow for surgeons to simultaneously create two incisions onto the mesh-work. 

Design. The Blade is engineered to maintain the natural outflow pathways

Ramp technology. The ramp technology allows the eye to stretch and lift as the eye is positioned.


kahook blade

Kahook Dual Blade Animation

Watch this animation to learn more about how the Kahook Dual Blade works within the eye. 



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