Can Eyelid Surgery OKC Affect Your Eyesight?

Eyelid Surgery OKC

If you have droopy eyelids or puffiness under your eyes, you may consider getting blepharoplasty, more commonly known as eyelid surgery OKC. Because your surgeon will reshape and remove the excess skin around your eyelids and brows, the procedure can give you a more energized and youthful appearance. In some cases, it may also increase your field of vision, thus improving your eyesight.


Improving Eyesight Through Blepharoplasty

Before the procedure, your eye doctor will determine whether you are a qualified candidate for eyelid surgery. This will involve a consideration of:

  • Your age. The minimum age for this surgery is 18, and most candidates are over the age of 35.
  • Your physical and mental health. While it is a minor procedure, every surgery has potential risks.
  • Your expectations. Blepharoplasty will not remove dark circles, deep wrinkles, or crow’s feet.

If you are a good candidate, your eye doctor will evaluate your eyes to determine whether your eyelid surgery will be “cosmetic” or “medically necessary.” During this evaluation, your field of vision will be measured to see whether the excess skin around your eyes is blocking your peripheral vision.

If your doctor determines that your vision is obstructed by sagging or drooping skin around your eyes, your blepharoplasty will be considered medically necessary (in these cases, the procedure may be covered by insurance). Depending on your needs, preferences, and surgeon’s recommendations, this surgery will take place on your upper or lower eyelids.


Upper Eyelid Surgery Oklahoma

As you age, the skin in your upper eyelids begins to lose elasticity. This can make your eyelids start to sag or droop over your eyes, which can then be increased due to pressure from excess fat. Because this can significantly impact your field of vision, most cases of medically necessary blepharoplasty take place on the upper eyelids.

During your upper eyelid surgery Oklahoma, your surgeon will carefully remove and reshape the excess skin, muscle, and fatty tissue that accumulates behind your upper eyelids and near the inside corners of your eyes. This will often result in an improved field of vision. The small incisions made during the procedure are in the natural creases of the eyelids, so any resulting scars will be difficult or impossible to see.


Lower Eyelid Surgery Oklahoma

If you have droopy or puffy skin beneath your eyes, your eye doctor may determine that lower eyelid blepharoplasty will have the ideal results. While this procedure is often considered cosmetic, your lower eyelid surgery may be deemed medically necessary if a malpositioning of your lower lids is causing an abnormal tear flow.

During your lower eyelid surgery Oklahoma, your surgeon will strategically reshape and remove the extra skin, fatty tissue, and muscle below your eyes. Often, the incision will be made inside your lower eyelids. In cases where there is an excessive amount of muscle and skin below your eyes, the incision may be made slightly below the base of your eyelashes. Any resulting scars from these procedures will be small and barely visible.


Eyelid Surgery OKC with BVA

If you are interested in restoring your field of vision or rejuvenating your appearance through blepharoplasty, get in touch with BVA at one of our locations across the Oklahoma City Metro. Our surgeons lead the field in various specialized procedures, including cosmetic and medically necessary eyelid surgeries.