Light Adjustable Lens

The only IOL that is adjustable after surgery

Intraocular lenses are excellent at improving vision for people with cataracts. While adding these artificial lenses is safe and effective, some patients do not have the sight level expected after surgery.



Light adjustable lenses (LAL) change the game when it comes to long-term vision success after surgery. Created with a photosensitive material, your eye doctor Oklahoma has the ability to adjust your lenses using light treatments, achieving the best possible results.

20/20 Vision

Patients with LAL are twice as likely to have 20/20 vision than those with monofocal IOL.




What to Expect

During the weeks following surgery, you will need to work directly with your eye doctor Oklahoma to optimize your vision with light treatments. You will receive glasses that block UV rays. These glasses must be worn until 24 hours after the final treatment in order to prevent unwanted changes to the lenses. Please contact us for more information.