Can Using Contacts Cause an Eye Injury Oklahoma?

Eye Injury Oklahoma

Roughly 45 million people wear contacts according to the CDC. While contacts are generally safe to use, they do come with a risk of eye injury Oklahoma when they are not worn, cleaned, or handled properly. Although problems with contacts are not common, they can be damaging and lead to blindness when left untreated.


When Is Eye Care OKC Necessary?

When people first use contact lenses, it can be an adjustment. After all, there is a foreign object in the eye. However, signs of irritation and infection must be taken seriously. If contacts cause any of the following symptoms, consider visiting an eye doctor Oklahoma as soon as possible.


Irritation and Infection

It is easy to overlook irritation, but the consequences can be severe. Both eye irritation and infections have similar symptoms. Consult medical care when experiencing the following:

  • Light sensitivity
  • Discharge
  • Tearing up excessively
  • Swelling
  • Redness
  • Itching
  • Burning
  • Any pain

In addition to infections and irritation, wearing contact lenses can increase the risk of developing pink eye.


Serious Conditions

When mild symptoms are left untreated, severe eye injury Oklahoma can develop. One of the more serious conditions associated with wearing contact lenses is corneal ulcers. These are open sores that develop in the cornea’s outer layer. They may be the result of an infection or abrasions from constant irritation of the eye. Any damage to the cornea is serious and needs to be addressed as soon as possible.

Although there are risks associated with contact lenses, they are much easier to avoid when the proper precautions are taken.


Preventative Eye Care OKC

When wearing contact lenses, always make sure that you follow the care instructions given by your medical provider. While the care may vary based on the type of contact lens used, here are a few common steps that will help protect your eyes.

  • Always wash your hands before handling your contacts.
  • Follow the instructions for cleaning your contact lenses.
  • Do not wear contact lenses in pools, hot tubs, or bodies of water. Bacteria can be in the water.
  • Always use fresh contact lens solution.
  • Do not rinse contacts in tap water. This increases the risk of a corneal infection.
  • Replace your case as directed.
  • Replace your contacts as directed.
  • Remove contact lenses before removing makeup to avoid contamination.
  • Have a regular eye exam to catch problems before they start.


Finding an Eye Doctor Oklahoma

Proper care for contacts will go a long way in keeping your eyes happy and healthy. Hopefully, maintaining your contacts well will keep you from needing to visit BVA. If something does go wrong, however, the doctors at BVA will be here for you. Our team provides corneal services that can be helpful in cases of severe corneal damage, including corneal repair and surgery.

If you do have any questions about how we treat eye injuries or any of our other services, please do not hesitate to reach out. We always go above and beyond to provide the best possible care.