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Over the last 20 years, cataract surgery has evolved to be one of the safest and most reliable methods to restore vision. BVA Advanced Eye Care offers the best surgeons in Oklahoma and creates a complication rate that is much lower than the national average.

You may have questions about cataract surgery – please read through these frequently asked questions to help answer some questions you may have! Also, feel free to contact BVA at

Is Cataract surgery my only option?

With today’s technology and research, yes surgery is the only viable treatment for cataracts. There are studies that show a healthy diet and lifestyle can reduce the risk of cataracts, but once cataracts are present they are not reversible.

Can I leave my cataract untreated?

Cataracts (in most cases) worsen over time. The lens becomes more cloudy and causes an increase reduction of vision. Overtime if left untreated, your lack of vision will render your daily living activities and overall quality of life.

Can Cataract surgery be performed on both eyes at the same time?

Here at BVA Advanced Eye Care, our eye doctors operate on one eye at a time. Typically, the two operations are two weeks apart. Operating on one eye will allow the eye to recover fully before operating on the second eye. This method is very safe and effective. BVA’s complication rate is much lower than the national average.

Will I be awake during surgery?

You will be awake during surgery to avoid risks associated with anesthesia, however, you will be given IV to keep you relaxed. The medication is given also effects memory, and most patients do not remember the cataract surgery at all.

Can I still have cataract surgery after Lasik?

Yes! the surgery can still be performed after Lasik and even PRK. Although, it is important to give your cataract surgeon the records of your vision before and after your Lasik surgery.

When will my vision be restored?

For most patients vision will begin improving within a few days. Talk with your doctor about different lens choice, for the lens implant you chose will determine your dependency for glasses.

Will I feel pain after surgery?

In some patients, they experience slight discomfort, but nothing severe. In most cases discomfort last for a couple of hours, but if pain persists, then call your doctor!

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