Eye Care OKC Tips: How Do You Treat Dry Eyes?

Eye Care OKC Dry eye occurs when your eyes are inadequately moisturized. The resulting dry spots can cause itching, redness, and pain; when left untreated, it can eventually damage eye tissues and impair vision. If you are struggling with temporary or chronic dry eyes, there are many eye care OKC solutions that can help. There are various causes of dry eye, so treatment plans are determined case-by-case. In particular, your eyes may become dry and irritated due to:

  • Your tear ducts not producing enough tears.
  • Your tears having a chemical imbalance.

Additional factors that can lead to or contribute to your dry eye include:

  • Your age.
  • Your diet.
  • The environment.
  • Screentime.
  • Certain medications.
  • An eye injury.
  • An eye surgery.
  • Contact lenses.

Your eye doctor will suggest the best eye care OKC treatment plan based on the source or sources of your dry eye, your health, and your unique ocular history.

How Will Your Eye Doctor Determine Your Ideal Treatment?

There are various methods to find the cause of your dry eye, including:

  • Comprehensive eye exams. These involve an overview of your eye health.
  • The Schirmer tear test. This is done to measure the volume of your tears.
  • A test to find tear quality. This examines your eye’s surface conditions.
  • Tear osmolarity tests. This determines how much water is in your tears.
  • Tear sample tests. These can identify your markers of dry eye disease.

At BVA Advanced Eye Care, we utilize the TearLab Osmolarity System. In addition to providing accurate and objective results, the test is fast and easy to conduct. Based on the results of your TearLab test, Dr. Britton or one of the other experts at BVA may recommend surgery, a non-surgical treatment, or a combination of both.

Eye Care OKC Solutions for Dry Eye

Natural Remedies

Depending on the cause of your dry eye, the ideal eye care OKC solution may be a natural remedy or a simple lifestyle change. For example:

  • If a medication is drying out your eyes, your doctor may recommend a switch to a different medication.
  • If your contact lenses are causing dryness, you may limit your time wearing them or switch to glasses.

These changes are often easy to implement and effective.

Artificial Tears

When a natural remedy is not fully effective at treating your dry eyes, your eye doctor may recommend artificial tears. These lubricated eye drops are often available over the counter. There are various types of artificial tear solutions, each designed to solve a specific problem, so it is best to ask your eye doctor for a recommendation before you start using any.

Lacrimal Plugs

If your dry eye is due to your tears draining too quickly from your eyes into your nose, lacrimal plugs (also known as punctal plugs) may be ideal. These small plugs are inserted into the circular openings at the inner corner of your eyelids. By blocking the drainage holes, the plugs keep tears in your eyes. Lacrimal plugs are made of collagen or silicone. Because they are reversible, they act as a temporary solution. If your dry eye condition is more chronic and severe, your eye doctor may recommend permanent plugs.

Punctal Cautery

If you have a very limited tear volume, your eye doctor may determine a stronger solution, specifically a punctal cautery, is needed. This simple surgery involves permanently closing your eyes’ drainage holes through cauterization. As a result, your tears will stay in your eyes for a longer period.

Treat Your Dry Eyes with Dr. Britton at BVA

If you are struggling with dry eyes in the Oklahoma City Metro, contact BVA. Our team of experienced optometrists and ophthalmologists, including Dr. Britton, specialize in various eye care solutions that can help you find relief.