How to Treat Cataracts with Cataract Treatment Oklahoma

Cataract Treatment Oklahoma

Cataracts occur when the clear natural lens in your eye becomes hard, yellow, and cloudy, making your vision blurry and dull. Getting cataract treatment Oklahoma can resolve this issue and prevent further vision loss. While the exact procedure will vary from patient to patient, your treatment will involve some variation of the following:

  • You will take a relaxant to help you stay calm.
  • Your surgeon will make a micro-incision in your eye.
  • The cataract will be dissolved and removed.
  • Your surgeon will place a lens implant through the incision.
  • The incision will heal itself; no stitches are needed.
  • You will wait briefly for observation, then go home.


For Your Cataract Treatment Oklahoma, Your Surgeon Will:


Determine Which Cataract Surgery OKC Is Best for You

Cataracts are one of the most common causes of vision loss. As such, there are various treatment options, and both lens experts and cornea doctors Oklahoma work to advance those surgeries. Your surgeon may perform a traditional, laser, or ORA-guided cataract surgery based on your treatment needs.

For traditional cataract surgery, your surgeon will use a small handheld blade to make the micro-incision. Once your cataract is accessible, they will break it down and remove it with ultrasound technology before placing the IOL.

Your surgeon may recommend laser cataract surgery OKC, which is more customizable to your eyes. At BVA, we utilize the Catalys Precision Laser System. After mapping your eye through advanced 3-D imaging, your surgeon will use the laser to make a micro-incision at the exact location and depth needed.

The Catalys laser can then break down and soften the cataract, allowing your surgeon to remove it more gently. Once your IOL is placed, your recovery time may be faster than that of a traditional surgery because the gentle approach can reduce the risk of inflammation.

To optimize your postoperative visual outcomes, your surgeon may utilize Optiwave Refractive Analysis technology; this is called ORA-guided cataract surgery. During the procedure, the ORA System will perform various calculations that measure your eye’s refractive power. As a result, it can recommend your ideal IOL.


Determine Which Intraocular Lens (IOL) Is Right For You

Based on an eyesight evaluation and the ORA system’s analysis (when applicable), your surgeon can determine which IOL is best for your lens replacement. For your cataract surgery OKC, your surgeon may insert one of the following IOLs:

  • Monofocal. The original lens replacement option was the monofocal IOL. This single-focus lens provides an excellent quality of vision, but only at one distance.
  • Bifocal. This multifocal lens can reduce (or eliminate) the need to wear glasses for close-up tasks. Bifocal IOLs provide clear vision for two focal points at all times.
  • Trifocal. This multifocal IOL reduces the need for glasses at all focal points. At BVA, we use the PanOptix® Trifocal Lens, which provides clear vision on a close-up, intermediate, and distance basis.
  • Accommodating. The accommodating IOL is flexible, so it changes its focus based on the movement of muscles in your eyes – just like natural lenses. At BVA, we utilize Bausch & Lomb Crystalens®.
  • Toric. If you have astigmatism in addition to cataracts, a Toric IOL can help. BVA surgeons use the AcrySof Toric Lens, which restores distance vision while providing spherical and astigmatic correction.
  • Vivity. Your surgeon may determine that a Vivity Lens is your ideal solution. This IOL provides quality intermediate and distance vision, with functional close-up sight. It can also protect the eyes from UV rays.
  • Light Adjustable. This lens is made of a photosensitive material. As a result, the Light Adjustable Lens is the only replacement option that can be adjusted after surgery – allowing for the best possible results.


Meet with BVA’s Surgeons and Cornea Doctors Oklahoma

The experienced staff at BVA are prepared to help you achieve clearer vision. If you have been struggling with dull or blurry eyesight due to cataracts, please contact us to schedule an appointment at one of our locations across the OKC Metro.