Sensibly Care for Your Eyes After LASIK Eye Surgery Oklahoma

LASIK Eye Surgery Oklahoma

If you have nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism, you may be interested in LASIK eye surgery Oklahoma. During this procedure, an eye surgeon alters the shape of your cornea to change how light is refracted in your eyes, allowing you to experience clear vision – often without glasses or contact lenses.

You will soon notice improvements in your vision, with many patients seeing dramatic results within days. Additionally, there is little to no post-operative discomfort. The length of your recovery will depend on your healing patterns and prescription, so your ophthalmologist OKC will let you know what to expect for your recovery period. There are a few things that you should do to help take care of your eyes after LASIK.


After Your Lasik Eye Surgery Oklahoma:

Protect Your Eyes from Harsh Light

During the first few days after LASIK eye surgery Oklahoma, your eyes will be extra sensitive to light. When you are inside, avoid intense lighting and consider wearing sunglasses. Try not to go out during the brightest parts of the day. When you are outside, protect your eyes with sunglasses and a hat with a brim.


Try Not to Rub or Scratch Your Eyes

Your eyes may feel itchy after surgery, so do your best not to rub, scratch, or bump them. If you mess with your eyes, it could dislodge your corneal flap and potentially lead to infection. If your eyes start feeling dry or itchy, use eyedrops to restore moisture and stop the issue.


Avoid Activities That Cause Eye Strain

While it is always important to avoid straining your eyes, it is essential in the first 24 hours following LASIK. Refrain from activities that can lead to strain, such as watching tv, using electronic devices, and reading small texts. Instead, try activities that are eye-strain free, such as listening to music or audiobooks.


Take a Break from Intense Activities

Because intense sports and exercise can cause unnecessary strain on your eyes, it is best to avoid these workouts for the first few weeks after LASIK. You should also avoid contact sports for at least a month. Your eye doctor may recommend wearing protective goggles.


Do Not Go in Pools or Hot Tubs

While using a swimming pool or hot tub is relaxing, avoiding these spots for at least two weeks after LASIK is best. It can be dangerous if chlorine gets in your eyes while they are healing. If the water is not properly treated, the bacteria in it could lead to infection.


Wait to Wear Cosmetic Products

It is essential to keep potential irritants away from your eyes after LASIK. Take a break from eye makeup, creams, and lotions for at least one week. This will help you avoid the harmful bacteria that can build up in used makeup and creams. When you are ready to use cosmetic products again, start with new products.


Avoid Dry, Smoky, and Dusty Spaces

During the first few weeks or months after your surgery, it is best to stay away from areas that are dry, smoky, and dusty. While eyedrops can help with the dryness that comes from smoke and dust, extended time in these spaces can still lead to irritation and discomfort.


Keep Visiting Your Eye Surgeon OKC

As with any other surgical procedure, it is essential to keep your follow-up appointments. These regular checkups will help your eye surgeon OKC monitor your healing and determine if there are any irregularities to remedy. Of course, you can always contact your eye doctor if you notice any issues following the procedure.


Restore Your Vision with an Experienced Ophthalmologist OKC

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