When Should You Consult an Ophthalmologist OKC?

Ophthalmologist OKC

If you have noticed issues with your vision, it may be time to visit an ophthalmologist OKC. These medical doctors have the knowledge and experience to determine the cause of the issue and perform the surgical procedures necessary to restore vision. Before you schedule a consultation, you may wonder if you should visit an ophthalmologist or an optometrist.


What Kind of Eye Doctor Oklahoma Should You Visit?

Your eye doctor Oklahoma for routine eye exams may be an ophthalmologist or an optometrist. If you have a more severe eye health problem, it may be best to visit an ophthalmologist. If your optometrist locates a potential eye health problem, they will likely recommend that you consult an ophthalmologist.


Consult Your Ophthalmologist OKC If:

You Have Noticed Vision Changes

This symptom can be a sign of various issues. The ideal treatment will depend on the severity and longevity of the changes. For example:

  • If it is occasional and can be improved by blinking, you may have dry eyes.
  • If you have noticed a gradual decline, you may need a stronger prescription, or it could be a newly developed medical condition.
  • If it is a central vision distortion or you regularly see floaters or shadows, it could be a retinal problem that should be quickly remedied.

Even if the change is small, it is best to meet with an eye doctor, as a professional will be able to solve the issue before it becomes a larger problem.


You Regularly Have Dry Eyes

There are various causes of dry eyes, such as the environment, your contacts, your diet, or any medications you take. You may also have poor tear-producing glands. While dry eyes often start as a minor annoyance, they can become highly uncomfortable, especially if they worsen over time.

If left unchecked, severe dry eye can impact your ability to read or use electronic devices for extended periods. Eventually, it may lead to corneal scarring. As such, it is best to check in with an eye surgeon OKC to solve the issue at its cause.


Your Eyes Are Red or Bloodshot

Some people have eyes that are naturally more red than others; as such, redness is not always a sign of a severe issue. Additionally, an occasional bright red spot (indicating a broken blood vessel) is not too concerning. However, there are times when you should meet with an eye doctor if your eyes are red or bloodshot:

  • Broken blood vessels in your eyes are concerning if it is a common occurrence.
  • Bloodshot eyes could be a sign of dryness or inflammation, both internal and external.
  • The redness may be accompanied by pain, whether minor or severe.

In these situations, it is best to meet with an ophthalmologist.


You Have Eye Pain or Pressure

Eye pain has a range of causes. Sometimes, it may be due to a headache or sinus disease. However, it could be a sign of dry eye, inflammation on your eye wall (episcleritis), or intraocular inflammation (uveitis). It helps to meet with an ophthalmologist to ensure that the cause is not an eye disease.

If you experience pressure in your eyes or have headaches based around your eyes, consult your ophthalmologist. While headaches and pressure often signify a neurological or sinus-related issue, they could be a symptom of glaucoma.


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